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Miracles With Varicose Leg Veins

Compared to 20-30 years ago, modern varicose vein treatment may be almost miraculous. No more hospitalizations, no more "vein stripping" with bleeding and pain. Today, bulging varicosities can be conquered in an office setting with very little down time. First, compression stockings become your best friend. Venous ultrasound is necessary to identify "reflux," or reverse flow, in the long veins in thigh or calf. Reflux is stopped by closing the vein with a laser threaded into the vein. Then, bulging veins are removed through needle incisions in one or several sessions. Thigh-length compression hose are worn for 2 weeks while up and active. The result is a normal looking non-painful leg. It's almost a miracle!

July 31, 2015