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Spider Veins Can Be Defeated

Spider veins have been a nuisance since God made legs.They are mostly hereditary, and aggravated by overweight, pregnancy, or varicose veins. Older treatments with saline injections were painful. We use newer medicines such as Polidocanol, which is painless. Thermal energy via skin laser, plus injection gives excellent results over the course of several treatments. We use an alternative heat source with a fine micro needle in those who can't have laser. Recovery and skin healing and rejuvenation have been aided by a new "Dermaka" cream which we have available post treatment. Thigh length compression hose are routine for 3-4 days post treatment. Scattered small spiders can expect fairly quick resolution. When both legs are covered, it can take 6-8 months. Usually 4-5 weeks between treatments are necessary to let lasered areas heal, and evaluate results, before continuing with follow up treatment if they are needed. We know ,after years of applying this therapy, that if you persist, you will win.

July 22, 2015